Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TV Shows: Shameless

Last January I fell in love with the new Showtime program, Shameless. When first hearing about the US adaption of the widely loved UK original series, I was upset, thinking that the former wouldn't be able to hold a candle to the latter. I was wrong however, the show, for me at least was a huge success. Led by the absolutely fabulous William H. Macy, the cast invites you into this world of utter chaos, family disfunction and somehow, love. While still keeping true to the characters, there are some major differences. But to me the transfer has been seamless, unlike other UK to US remakes such as MTV's Skins. In fairness MTV was obviously not the best choice for the program, they might have had a fighting chance if they had had free reign like the writers of Shameless. Here's a look at the upcoming Season 2, which premiers January 8th! 

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