Sunday, February 26, 2012

Artists to KNOW: Ilona Szwarc

Hello all, so sorry for the lack of postage this week, it's been crazy busy in my life. While it's only the end of February, my last year at the School of Visual Arts is coming rapidly to a close and I have a few shows coming up that I need to prepare for (posts on that to come).

Anyways, while I have been very busy I haven't been too busy to discover cool new things everyday! This week I will be posting one new thing in my life everyday! Hope you guys enjoy all the new discoveries as much as I do!

On Friday, after my philosophy class, I ventured up to the 6th floor too look at the new work that people had been raving about. I had to agree as soon as I saw the first image, it was quite spectacular. The photographer Ilona Szwarc, the title, American Girls. Somehow she was able to photograph all of these girls with their American Girl Dolls. It was really interesting and had me hooked from the start. Here are some examples of her work!

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