Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY: Mini Succulent Garden

Any long time reader of this blog knows my love for succulents, so it won't come as a surprise when I say how super psyched I am for this particular DIY. Free People has posted this lovely make your own mini succulent garden, using what else? An old Altoid tin, brilliant if you ask me! This is a great way to recycle and keep those small spaces of your flat looking pretty!

Here's what you'll need:
-An empty mint tin or other shallow container
-Potting soil
-Fine gravel
-A piece of a succulent plant

Step 1: Wash out your Altoids tin and place a thin layer of gravel on the bottom. This will act as drainage so your plant doesn’t drown

Step 2: Mix up the remainder of your gravel with some potting soil. Fill up your tin with the mixture.
Step 3: Trim your succulent stem so it almost reaches the bottom of the tin. Insert it into the soil and build up some soil around it so it stays put. Lightly mist your plant and add some rocks for decoration.
Care: Your succulent shouldn’t grow too large because of the limited soil, but if it does you can always re-pot it. Mist lightly with water every few days or when soil is dry.

Credit: Johnie Gall is the founder of

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