Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Movie News: The Adventures of Tintin

It seems that in the past few weeks all I have been hearing about are spectacular animated films, (along with The Muppets, which I want to see soooo badly!). The one that I am most excited to see is Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin. Since I was a youngin' I have been a fan of his movies from ET to Catch Me If You Can, I've loved them all. Not only is it supposed to be a great story in general but the cast of voices that Spielberg has lined up should make for an interesting time as well!

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  1. So I saw The Adventures of Tintin the other day and I have to say that I was pretty disappointed. The graphics were AMAZING. But I wasn't able to connect with the main character, both my friend and I didn't care. It was also way too long, it needed to be cut at least twenty minutes. I did like the supporting characters though they were pretty funny. Other than a few plot holes it was okay.