Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birthday Bash

Hello all,
Sorry I've been off the airwaves?....microwaves? Anyways not only did I have a fabulous Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Eve, I also celebrated my birthday over the holiday! Can't wait to get back to NYC and kick off the new year with a party at Gatsby's in SoHo. It's sure to be a blast!
Another great perk to the post holiday season is the amazing deals. I am usually quite picky when it comes to winter coats. But after the frigid cold day that we had yesterday, I finally broke down and went to Lord & Taylor's. All the women's cots seemed terribly drab, it was then that my sister had the brilliant idea of checking the mens section, where I found this gem of a coat! On sale originally $356, and I got it for $140! Bargain! I was able to find it in navy with red detail on the shoulders which makes it even more perfect! What amazing deals have you guys come across this season?

Leather Yoke Hooded Parka - Polo Ralph Lauren Cloth -
Leather Yoke Hooded Parka - Polo Ralph Lauren Cloth -

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